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Dhaulagiri Base Camp / Circuit Trek

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Dhaulagiri Region
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16 days
Highest Elevation
5,416m / 17,772ft
70 yrs

Tour Overview

The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a challenging and adventurous trek that takes you through some of the most remote and pristine wilderness areas in Nepal. This 16-day trek takes you through a variety of landscapes, from terraced fields to dense forests to high passes, offering stunning views of the Dhaulagiri massif and other Himalayan peaks. The trek is known for its challenging terrain and high passes, including the French Pass and Dhampus Pass, which require a good level of physical fitness and trekking experience.

The trek starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara, followed by a drive to Beni, the starting point of the trek. The trek takes you through small villages and settlements, including Dovan, Muri, and Bagar, where you can immerse in the local culture and traditions. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and learn about their way of life. The trek then takes you to the Italian Base Camp, a stunning campsite located in a rocky valley at the base of the Dhaulagiri massif. From here, you will cross two high passes, the French Pass and Dhampus Pass, and descend to Dhaulagiri Base Camp, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Dhaulagiri massif.

The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a challenging but rewarding trek that offers a true wilderness experience. The trek takes you through some of the most remote and pristine landscapes in Nepal, offering stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and allowing you to immerse in the local culture and traditions. If you are looking for a challenging and adventurous trek in Nepal, the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is definitely worth considering.

Tour Highlights


  • Stunning views of Dhaulagiri and other Himalayan peaks
  • Trekking through challenging terrain and high passes
  • Exploring remote and pristine landscapes
  • Interacting with diverse ethnic communities and their cultures
  • Exploring the Italian Base Camp and other iconic landmarks
  • Trekking through the Kali Gandaki Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world
  • Interacting with friendly locals and learning about their way of life
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment and adventure after completing the challenging trek



Day 1: Arrival In Kathmandu
You arrive in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, a gateway to Nepal's enchanting landscapes. The bustling streets, adorned with colorful prayer flags, welcome you to a place that resonates with spirituality and adventure.
Day 2: Scenic Flight From Kathmandu To Pokhara
A short, scenic flight transports you to Pokhara, a serene city nestled beside the tranquil Phewa Lake. As the plane touches down, you're greeted by the majestic Annapurna Range, setting the tone for your upcoming mountain journey.
Day 3: Drive From Pokhara To Takam (1,500m)
Leaving the comforts of Pokhara behind, a drive takes you to Takam, where your trek commences. The charming village and its surroundings provide a glimpse into the rural life of Nepal.
Day 4: Trek From Takam To Muri (1,850m)
Your trek begins in earnest, leading you through picturesque landscapes to Muri. The quaint village is surrounded by terraced fields, offering a glimpse into the agricultural practices that sustain the local communities.
Day 5: Trek From Muri To Bagar (2,080m)
Continuing your journey, the trail takes you to Bagar. The ever-changing vistas accompany your trek, providing a sense of the diverse landscapes you'll encounter on this adventure.
Day 6: Trek From Bagar To Dovan (2,520m)
As you ascend further, the trail leads you to Dovan. The river valleys give way to lush forests, and the sound of gushing water accompanies your path, creating a harmonious connection with nature.
Day 7: Trek From Dovan To Italian Base Camp (3,660m)
The landscape evolves dramatically as you trek to the Italian Base Camp. The alpine environment begins to reveal itself, with towering peaks and pristine wilderness surrounding you.
Day 8: Acclimatization At Italian Base Camp (Rest Day)
Today is a well-deserved rest day, allowing your body to acclimatize to the higher altitudes. The Italian Base Camp provides a tranquil setting for relaxation, as you take in the grandeur of the mountains that loom above.
Day 9: Trek From Italian Base Camp To Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4,750m)
The highlight of your journey is approaching as you make your way to Dhaulagiri Base Camp. The air is crisp, and the surroundings are dominated by the colossal presence of Dhaulagiri, reminding you of the raw power of nature.
Day 10: Trek From Base Camp To Hidden Valley (5,050m) Via French Col (5,360m)
A challenging day awaits as you trek to the Hidden Valley, traversing the formidable French Col en route. The mountain pass presents breathtaking panoramic views, rewarding your efforts with an unparalleled perspective.
Day 11: Trek From Hidden Valley To Yak Kharka (3,680m) Via Dhampus Pass (5,240m)
The trail leads you to Yak Kharka, taking you through the lofty Dhampus Pass. The higher altitudes offer a sense of solitude and a connection to the untouched wilderness that surrounds you.
Day 12: Trek From Yak Kharka To Jomsom (2,720m) Or Marpha
Descending from the heights, you arrive in Jomsom or Marpha, depending on your path. The transition from high mountain terrain to the charming villages at lower elevations is a striking experience.
Day 13: Fly / Drive To Pokhara And Transfer To The Hotel
Your journey takes you back to Pokhara, a city that feels almost familiar now. The memories of your trek blend with the tranquility of the lakeside city, offering a moment of reflection.
Day 14: Fly From Pokhara To Kathmandu
Returning to Kathmandu, you're met with a sense of nostalgia and accomplishment. The sights and sounds of the city are both comforting and invigorating as you realize the extent of your mountain adventure.
Day 15: Sightseeing Around Kathmandu Valley In Private Vehicle
Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. The historic sites and ancient temples tell stories of Nepal's past, providing a deep appreciation for the country's diverse history.
Day 16: Departure From Kathmandu Tribhuwan Airport
With the memories of the mountains and the experiences of the past days etched into your being, you bid farewell to Nepal. As you leave the country, you carry with you the spirit of adventure and the transformative power of the Himalayas.

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