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Manasalu Circuit Trek With Tsum Valley

4.6 (46)
Manaslu Region
16+ booked
22 days
Highest Elevation
5,106 m / 16,751 ft
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Tour Overview

The Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley is a captivating adventure that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Manaslu region in Nepal. This trek combines two remarkable regions, offering a unique and diverse experience for avid trekkers. The journey begins in Kathmandu, where you will be transferred to the starting point of the trek. As you embark on this 22-day trek, you will traverse through remote villages, lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and panoramic mountain vistas, including the majestic Mount Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world.

The highlight of this trek is the inclusion of the Tsum Valley, often referred to as the "Hidden Valley of Happiness." Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage site, known for its ancient monasteries, vibrant Buddhist culture, and warm hospitality of the local people. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan-influenced culture, witness traditional rituals, and interact with friendly locals.

Throughout the trek, you will encounter diverse landscapes and challenging terrains, crossing High Mountain passes such as Larkya La (5,106m), which rewards you with awe-inspiring views. The trek also offers a chance to spot wildlife, including the elusive snow leopard and the endangered Himalayan Thar. Accommodation during the trek will be in cozy teahouses, providing a comfortable resting place after a day of exhilarating trekking.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley is an off-the-beaten-path adventure, perfect for those seeking solitude and a deeper cultural immersion. With its stunning natural beauty, cultural richness, and challenging yet rewarding trails, this trek is a truly unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. It offers a rare opportunity to explore a remote and untouched region of Nepal, where breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions combine to create a remarkable journey of a lifetime.

Tour Highlights

    • Explore the stunning landscapes of the Manaslu region
    • Experience the rich Tibetan-influenced culture of the Tsum Valley
    • Witness panoramic mountain views including Mount Manaslu
    • Trek through challenging terrains and cross high mountain passes
    • Interact with friendly locals and visit ancient monasteries


Day 1: Arrival In Kathmandu And Transfer To The Hotel.
As you step into Kathmandu, the city's energy envelops you. The bustling streets, rich in culture and heritage, set the stage for the adventure that lies ahead.
Day 2: Explore Kathmandu Valley With A Sightseeing Tour.
Today, you delve into the historical and cultural wonders of Kathmandu Valley. Ancient temples, intricate architecture, and vibrant markets provide a glimpse into Nepal's diverse heritage.
Day 3: Drive From Kathmandu To Soti Khola.
The journey begins as you leave Kathmandu behind and drive to Soti Khola. The landscapes change as you venture farther from the city, immersing yourself in the raw beauty of the Nepalese countryside.
Day 4: Trek From Soti Khola To Maccha Khola (900m).
Your trek commences, leading you through verdant landscapes and across suspension bridges. The sound of the rushing river accompanies your path as you make your way to Maccha Khola.
Day 5: Trek From Maccha Khola To Jagat (1,410m).
The trail meanders through charming villages and terraced fields, offering glimpses into local life. As you ascend, the Himalayan foothills become more pronounced, and you arrive in Jagat.
Day 6: Trek From Jagat To Lokpa (2,240m) And Then To Dyang (1,804m).
Your journey takes you through Lokpa, where you register for the restricted area permit. Continuing, you arrive in Dyang, surrounded by scenic beauty and the tranquil ambiance of the mountains.
Day 7: Trek From Lokpa To Chumling (2,386m).
The landscapes change as you ascend to Chumling, a gateway to the hidden gem of Tsum Valley. The sense of entering a lesser-traveled region adds an element of excitement to your trek.
Day 8: Trek From Chumling To Chekampar (3,031m).
The trail leads you deeper into Tsum Valley as you make your way to Chekampar. The unique cultural blend of Tibetan Buddhism and local traditions becomes more evident in this secluded region.
Day 9: Trek From Chekampar To Nile (3,361m).
Your path continues through quaint villages and landscapes that reflect the remoteness of the area. The sense of being off the beaten path is accompanied by the allure of exploration.
Day 10: Hike To Mu Gompa (3,700m).
Today, you hike to Mu Gompa, a spiritual hub of the region. The monastery holds a special significance, and the panoramic views contribute to a sense of tranquility.
Day 11: Trek From Nile Back To Chekampar (3,031m).
As you retrace your steps, the surroundings feel familiar, yet the landscapes continue to captivate. The return journey allows you to appreciate the beauty from a different angle.
Day 12: Trek From Chekampar To Chumling (2,386m).
The descent leads you back to Chumling, completing your exploration of the Tsum Valley. The memories of the unique cultural encounters and breathtaking scenery linger.
Day 13: Trek From Chumlung To Dyang (1,804m).
The trail takes you to Dyang, as you retrace your steps towards the main Manaslu Circuit route. The transition between regions is marked by changing landscapes and a sense of continuity.
Day 14: Trek From Dyang To Namrung (2,630m).
The journey continues through charming villages and forests as you make your way to Namrung. The mountain views become more prominent, reminding you of the majesty that lies ahead.
Day 15: Continue Trekking From Namrung To Samagaon (3,530m).
The ascent takes you to Samagaon, a picturesque village nestled amidst the Himalayas. The sense of being amidst towering peaks is both humbling and exhilarating.
Day 16: Trek From Samagaon To Pungyen Gumba (4,400m) And Explore Pungyen Gumba Before Returning To Samagaon.
Today, you hike to Pungyen Gumba, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. The spiritual atmosphere and the panoramic views create a unique experience before you return to Samagaon.
Day 17: Trek From Samagaon To Samdo (3,860m).
Your journey continues as you make your way to Samdo. The rugged terrain and the sense of isolation highlight the remoteness of the region.
Day 18: Trek From Samdo To Dharamsala/Larkya B. C. (4,460m).
The ascent takes you to Dharamsala, also known as Larkya Base Camp. The anticipation of the upcoming pass adds an element of challenge and excitement to your trek.
Day 19: Trek From Dharamsala To Larkya La (5,106m) And Then To Bhimthang (3,720m).
A defining day arrives as you cross Larkya La, the high mountain pass. The breathtaking views from the pass are followed by a descent to Bhimthang, offering a rewarding sense of accomplishment.
Day 20: Trek From Tilije To Dharapani, Then Drive To Besishahar.
The descent takes you to Tilije, where you rejoin the Annapurna Circuit route. A drive from Dharapani brings you to Besishahar, marking the conclusion of your trekking journey.
Day 21: Drive From Besishahar To Kathmandu And Transfer To Your Hotel.
As you drive back to Kathmandu, you reflect on the transformative journey you've undertaken. The memories of the mountains and the cultural encounters remain with you.
Day 22: Transfer To The International Airport For Your Final Departure.
With a heart full of memories and experiences, you bid farewell to Nepal. The mountains have left an indelible mark, and as you depart, you carry the spirit of the Himalayas with you.

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