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Lhotse Expedition

4.7 (37)
Everest Region
18+ booked
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Highest Elevation
8,516 m/ 27,940 ft
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Tour Overview

Lhotse Expedition, an exhilarating journey to conquer the majestic Lhotse, the fourth highest peak in the world. Standing at an impressive 8,516 meters (27,940 feet), Lhotse presents a formidable challenge to even the most experienced climbers. Join our expert team of mountaineers as we guide you through the rugged and breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas.

Throughout this expedition, you will be immersed in the breathtaking beauty of the Lhotse Face, a steep and technical section that requires skill and determination. As you ascend, you will be rewarded with unparalleled views of the surrounding peaks, including the iconic Mount Everest. Along the way, you'll experience the camaraderie of fellow climbers, sharing in the triumphs and challenges of this monumental journey.

The Lhotse Expedition is not just about conquering a mountain; it is a transformative experience that tests your physical and mental limits. Our seasoned guides will ensure your safety and provide the expertise needed to navigate the treacherous terrain. This is a chance to challenge yourself, push beyond your boundaries, and achieve a lifelong dream

Tour Highlights

  • Conquer Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,516 meters (27,940 feet).
  • Experience the stunning Lhotse Face, a challenging and technical section of the climb.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayan peaks.
  • Test your mountaineering skills in a demanding and rewarding expedition.
  • Immerse yourself in the adventure of high-altitude climbing and the camaraderie of fellow climbers.
  • Achieve an incredible feat and add Lhotse to your mountaineering accomplishments.


Day 1: Arrival In Kathmandu & Transfer To The Hotel
Upon your arrival in Kathmandu, you'll be welcomed and transported to your hotel. This vibrant city marks the starting point of your Lhotse expedition.
Day 2: Welcome Brief, Gear Check And Official Formalities In Kathmandu
Today, a warm welcome awaits you in Kathmandu. Engage in a comprehensive expedition briefing, finalize gear checks, and complete necessary official procedures.
Day 3: Fly To Lukla & Trek To Phakding (Overnight Stay At Phakding)
Embark on a scenic flight to Lukla and begin your trek to Phakding. The trail introduces you to the breathtaking landscapes of the Everest region.
Day 4: Trek To Namche Bazaar And Spent The Night There.
Continue your journey to Namche Bazaar, a lively trading hub nestled in the mountains. This leg of the trek offers stunning views and cultural insights.
Day 5: Rest In Namche Bazaar. We May Go For Hike To Everest Point Of View/ Acclimatization.
Savor a well-deserved rest day in Namche Bazaar. Consider an acclimatization hike to an Everest viewpoint, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the area.
Day 6: Trek To Debuche Via Tengboche Monastery
Your trail leads you to Debuche, passing through the revered Tengboche Monastery. The monastery's spiritual aura and picturesque backdrop leave a lasting impression.
Day 7: Trek To Dingboche
Continue onward to Dingboche, a charming village nestled in the Himalayas. As you gain elevation, you'll notice the landscape's transformation.
Day 8: Acclimatize Day In Dingbouche, Short Hike To Nagarjun Hill
This acclimatization day offers a short hike to Nagarjun Hill, providing not only acclimatization benefits but also breathtaking panoramic views.
Day 9: Trek To Lobuche
Embark on a trek to Lobuche, where the surroundings become more rugged and dramatic as you approach higher altitudes.
Day 10: Trek To Everest Base Camp
The eagerly anticipated day arrives as you trek to the iconic Everest Base Camp. This marks the beginning of your Lhotse expedition and an incredible journey.
Day 11-45: Lhotse Climbing Period
These days are dedicated to the core of the expedition – the Lhotse climbing period. With determination, skill, and teamwork, you'll ascend Lhotse's formidable slopes.
Day 46: Clearing Up Base Camp
Conclude the climbing phase by clearing up the Lhotse Base Camp, ensuring the pristine environment is left undisturbed.
Day 47: Trek Back To Pheriche
As you start your descent, trek back to Pheriche, cherishing the memories forged during the ascent.
Day 48: Trek Back To Namche
Continue your journey back, retracing your steps to Namche Bazaar.
Day 49: Trek Back To Lukla
Your return trek leads you to Lukla, where you can reflect on your remarkable achievement with a sense of pride.
Day 50: Back To Kathmandu & Transfer To The Hotel/Dinner
Fly back to Kathmandu, where you'll be transferred to your hotel. This day offers a chance to rest, reminisce, and celebrate your extraordinary accomplishment.
Day 51: Leisure Day In Kathmandu
Savor a leisurely day in Kathmandu. Whether you explore the city's culture or simply unwind, you can relive the journey's highlights.
Day 52: Departure From Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu
As your Lhotse expedition draws to a close, you'll be taken to the airport for your departure, carrying the fulfillment of conquering a Himalayan giant.

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